Npower Energy

Npower is the UK's largest electricity supplier although also supply gas or both together as a dual fuel option. They were previously called national power are owned by RWE a German company and have around 6.8 million home and business based customers around the UK. You can find out how much you can save with one of Npower's tariffs by going directly to their website or by using a price comparison website. All the price options will be the same for your postcode no matter what service you use.

Electricity and Gas Tariffs

Npower has many options to choose from which start from their standard tariff and are generally available whether you choose electric only supply, gas only or a dual fuel product. Npower has many deals and offers and the main one they promote is their go fix product which provides a discount off standard tariff for a fixed period of time. Here are a list of their main tariffs just click on a link for further information:

Npower also have some green eco tariffs and options which means you are purchasing electricity and/ or using it from renewable sources. The names of these options are as follows :

  • Npower juice
  • Npower solar
  • Npower national trust green energy

All of these products can be purchased online directly via their website.

Switching to a Npower Tariff

If you have found that either you are currently on a Npower standard tariff (meaning you are paying the highest prices they offer) or you want to switch from your current provider then it is a lot easier than you think.

All you need do is to sign up to the tariff of your choice and once Npower have your details they will make all the necessary arrangement to place you on your new rates and prices and terminate the contract with your current supplier. You'll get a notification to take a meter reading for the transfer of the contract and everything else is managed by Npower. There will also be no interuption in your supply.

Managing Your Account Online

These days most utility companies allow you to manage your account online and for some tariff prices you must manage your account online. So what does this mean ? Overall it means you won't get another paper bill but an email when it is due. Then you can go to your online account and see the details of the bill rather like if you had it right in front of you. You can also enter your own meter readings which means your bills will always be accurate and not estimated. This puts you totally in control.

More Discounts from Npower

The two main piece of advice anyone in the energy sector will tell you is :

  • Not to be on standard tariff as these prices are the highest for every energy company
  • Pay by monthly direct debit as there are always good discounts to be had

If you are on a standard Npower tariff and pay when you receive the bill either by cheque or perhaps down the Post Office, simply by switching to their discounted tariff and choosing to pay by fixed monthly direct debit can save you 10-15% just by doing that so it's worth choosing these options and to manage your account online.