Dual Fuel Prices Comparison

To get the best prices and rates for your annual dual fuel bill the best place to start to see the lowest tariffs available for your home or business is to use a price comparison website. A dual fuel tariff simply means you get both gas and electricity supplied from the same energy company provider. In most cases you'll receive a small discount for taking both fuels together although your overall costs may be lower if you take the cheapest electricity with one supplier and gas from another. It all depends on where you live in the UK because energy pricing is different across the country so it's best to do a little homework first to get the lowest prices possible.

Comparing All Dual Fuel Tariffs from Energy Companies

If you have never had a look around to reduce your energy costs then perhaps the best place to start is both at any of the price comparison websites as well as the website of your current energy supplier for your dual fuel tariff. If you don't take your electric and gas from the same company at present that doesn't matter because it's entirely down to you who supplies your energy.

There are six main energy providers in the UK who can supply both electricity and gas to your home and business or both of the fuels together as a dual fuel contract. These companies are British Dual Fuel, Npower, EDF energy, Eon energy, Southern Electric and Scottish Power. There are also some smaller energy companies in the market place now who both purchase energy in bulk from these companies and other places who may be able to offer you a better deal.

To find out the prices for your home or business all you need do is search for "compare dual fuel prices" and choose one of the comparison services. All you need to do is to enter your postcode, your current energy supplier and tariff type and some information about your yearly or monthly spend or consumption on both fuels. Once you have done this and pressed enter you'll be presented with how much you can save from your current provider. All the comparison websites provide exactly the same information (because they have databases of all the prices from all the energy companies and they calculate your current and predicted spend based on what you have entered) and then it's up to you what type of tariff and contract length you require.

Getting the Best Dual Fuel Deals Online

Certainly the cheapest tariffs are to be found online and most companies want you to sign up online because it saves them money so those savings are passed onto you. Of course you can telephone these companies up if you want additional help and advice but you might not always get the cheapest deals on offer.

The online discounted tariffs that have discounts from the standard tariffs will probably save you at least 2% - 6% off a standard tariff depending on which energy company you use. You'll be able to see all available tariffs and prices in any case once you have used a comparison service. Some provide more information on the structure and rates than others but they will all show you the same annual pricing in total for you to decide what to do. Most of the discounted rates have penalties if you switch out before the contract finishes so just check to see what terms and conditions are offered to ensure it's right for you (for example, if you are thinking of moving home in the next 3 months then signing up to an 18 month contract is probably not the best thing to do).

The discounted tariffs are almost always on variable pricing as that's how the standard contracts are made up so over time your prices will move up and down but always with the discount attached.

In most circumstances you can save the most money by opting for the following when choosing a new dual fuel tariff :

  • Moving off from standard tariff - if you have never switched before or your current deal has lapsed then you'll be on the most expensive standard tariff rates. There are always better deals to be had so a quick comparison which only takes around 30 seconds could save you hundreds of pounds per year on your dual fuel bills
  • Pay by monthly direct debit - paying by direct debit even if it's quarterly will save you even more money than settling your bills by cheque or cash at the Post Office
  • Some dual fuel tariffs offer additional discounts - although not all dual fuel rates combining electricity and dual fuel supplies together are as cheap as getting dual fuel and electricity from different suppliers they may be and generally you'll receive an additional discount from taking both fuels together from one supplier.
  • Comparison site cash back deals - sometimes the price comparison sites have a cash back deal where you get an amount of cash per fuel type paid directly back into your bank account - these are not on offer all of the time and not all websites offer this type of deal so watch out for these in your emails.

Finding the Latest Dual Fuel Deals

The best and lowest prices for dual fuel with all the energy companies are always their discount standard tariff contract and these are published on this site under the side bar menu. You can also check each energy website individually as they always have their latest deal displayed on their home page. Check out the big 6 energy companies for dual fuel rates on the following pages : british gas dual fuel prices including their websaver product, npower dual fuel with their sign online tariff, edf energy dual fuel for their online saver, southern electric dual fuel for their go direct rates and eon energy dual fuel fix online plan.

Switching Your Dual Fuel Supplier Made Easy

Switching your dual fuel supplier is really easy and just takes the few minutes to find a new tariff online and go through the switching process. You just need to find the most suitable tariff for your circumstances and continue with the online sign up process (which just then requires your home address, name and bank account details for the monthly direct debit).

Once you have done this the supplier you are switching to (whether it be a new provider or a new deal with your existing energy provider) will undertake all the work on your behalf. You can just sit back and enjoy the new savings you are making. You will need to take a meter reading on the date your switch is taking place just to ensure that the dual fuel rates charged on your old deal and the starting reading for your new dual fuel prices are correct. Other than that, it's all done for you.