Finding Cheap Energy Prices

Every home and business owner wants to reduce their energy costs these days to have more money and improve their profits. Luckily the big 6 energy companies that are regulated by ofgem for their gas and electricity prices have competitive rates especially for green renewable energy contracts as well as for commercial and industrial units.

Lowering Your Rates and Saving Money

There are many price comparison websites that can show you the exact amount you can save from your current energy provider by just keying in your postcode and your current consumption information. These websites will show you each tariff type for either gas only, electricity only or for dual fuel tariffs (if you take them both together). You can then switch to the new provider online directly. All the comparison sites will show you exactly the same information (ie: no one has cheaper rates than the other) but some may offer additional cashback style incentives from time to time so it's best if you either sign up with them all to get emails of special offers or go to one of the money saving websites for the latest deals (we will also show you the latest offers here).

Switching Made Easy

If you have never switched your current energy supplier and/ or are on a standard tariff then you will be paying too much and you can save hundreds of pounds each year by choosing a new rate even with your current provider. Switching is also very easy. The best deals are always to be had online so search one out and then apply for it online. Once this has been done your new chosen supplier will undertake all the switching process on your behalf so you won't have to do anything at all. You will not be cut off during this time and it really is a smooth process. You can then enjoy the savings to be had from a new tariff. To start your search for new tariffs check out our pages on electricity rates for electric supplies or gas rates for gas only contracts and dual fuel rates for both fuels together from the same provider.

Gas Electricity Suppliers and Companies

There are six main suppliers for UK energy and they all have special rates on offer at any one time. Here are reviews of these companies and their tariffs.

Green Renewable Energy Options

Renewable energy contracts have come down in price a lot and now many are offered at the same pricing levels as standard tariffs. OK a standard tariff is not the cheapest but at least the pricing is not at such a high premium that no one signs up for it. Check out our renewable energy section of this website for more information.

Additional Energy Help

The energy industry is regulated by ofgem who oversee general regulations and provide official guidance. If you have a complaint you can either contact ofgem or consumer focus and to help you save energy in the home or workplace the energy saving trust have lots of great advice to help reduce your overall energy consumption.